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Hi Microsoft Support, Your automated system sends out notices that are inaccurate and do they not let clients

Hi Microsoft Support,

Many thanks for your reply.

Your automated system sends out notices that are inaccurate and do they not let clients know the correct details of their particular issue, even though these are known by Microsoft. No effort is made to give clients the correct details for their problem and thus this creates unnecessary stress and confusion.

This is something that needs to be looked at when sending out these notices of imminent freezing of peoples accounts that clients are given the correct information as to the cause of this imminent threat to freeze their accounts.
I should NOT have been sent the confusing notice I received, see below, saying it could be my Office Subscription as that didn't apply to me and this was known by Microsoft (I was easily informed of this by a Microsoft Representative- Sahil Ohri, once I finally managed to get hold of someone to ask which was an extremely difficult task with the awful support system you have set up with no "contact us" email address that can be easily found). So I have been caused unnecessary stress thinking my Office Home and Business 2016 Programme on my computer will cease to function and be frozen in 31 days when in fact it was perfectly fine and it was simply a storage issue all along.

You’re 5.85 GB over your storage limit

Your account is 5.85 GB over your storage limit of 5 GB.
Your account will be frozen on or after 04/03/2019 and you will not be able to view or edit your files. You can no longer add or sync new documents or photos. Changes made to existing OneDrive files will not save or sync between devices or
Please remove 5.85 GB of files or purchase more storage to bring your account back to normal.
Clean up files
Get more storage
Why am I over my storage limit?
You may be over your limit because your Office 365 subscription has run out, or because extra storage you gained through a promotion has expired. Find information about your storage limit and any promotional storage on your Manage Storage page.
Learn more about what it means to be frozen.
Thanks for using OneDrive,
The OneDrive Team
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I would appreciate if you could pass on my complaint to Microsoft Management please and I would like to receive a response to show that this complaint has been passed onto them as I have been sent a notice saying it could apply to my Microsoft Office Subscription when it was known by Microsoft that it didn't.

You need to make sure that notices you are sending out are correct in every detail particularly as these details are KNOWN by Microsoft!

I look forward to receiving my notice of complaint response from the Microsoft Management Team.

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